Physician Weight Loss for Those in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor & Surrounding Cities

physician weight lossPeople who have been unsuccessful in losing unwanted pounds should consider trying a physician weight loss program. Medically supervised weight loss is essential in cases where the patient is morbidly obese or has an eating disorder. If a person has been obese for a long period of time, it is essential not to lose too much weight too fast, since unknown health conditions might arise with the sudden weight loss. At Dr. Urshan’s Health and Weight Loss Centers, our doctors and staff will help clients to eliminate bad habits and establish new ones to adapt to their new lifestyle

Benefits of utilizing medically supervised weight loss:

  • Our clients see better results when they have periodic visits with one of our doctors.
  • Clients who complete Dr. Urshan’s Health and Weight Loss Center’s program typically enjoy more gratifying long-term results than those people who try to lose weight alone**.
  • Physician weight loss includes a personalized weight management plan that is backed by facts, instead of a calorie-counting diet fad.
  • Following our program gives you some important health benefits like increased energy levels, elimination of sleep apnea problems and the regulation of blood pressure**.
  • Our program determines the root causes of your weight gain, hormonal and genetic factors, low metabolism and diet.
  • In addition to a detailed diet plan, our patients will receive nutritional and behavioral counseling, regular health evaluations and a thorough physical exam.
  • Customized, unique weight loss plans will help you avoid pulmonary, cardiovascular and skeletal stress**.

If you live in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Palm Harbor or surrounding cities and are in search of a physician weight loss program, contact us today. When done healthily, you can alter your lifestyle, eat healthier foods, improve your exercise routines and be happier**.

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