Quick Weight Loss Center for Those in Westchase & Lutz

Quick Weight Loss CenterFrequently the media overwhelms people with fitness photos and health standards that they proclaim are best for everyone. Everywhere you look, there’s a new fad diet or health regime. The trouble with the majority of these programs is that they attempt to make one size fit all and try to fold and bend you into their particular idea of what constitutes the “perfect body”. Dr. Urshan runs a quick weight loss center that is different. He knows that every one of us is unique. At our Health and Weight Loss Diet Center, we promise you that here you’ll be treated with a program tailored to your specific body’s needs.

If you want long-term success, you need a personalized program. Our quick weight loss center uses cutting-edge weight loss technology which scientifically allows your body to tell us exactly what it needs, without any speculation on our part. Our diet center weight loss program will:

  • Detoxify your body and balance your neurotransmitters**.
  • Balance vitamins and minerals to assist your body in becoming a fat burning zone**.
  • Target your body’s specific weaknesses and strengthen your body, so that it will be able to regulate itself to your correct, healthier weight.
  • Allow you to get significant results in 40 days*, without ever having to starve yourself.
  • Never use hormones or any pre-packaged food.
  • Reset your weight point and target abdominal fat.

​Our quick weight loss center is supervised by a medical professional. You’ll receive an individual consultation at our diet center, and a tailor-made plan will be devised to meet your specialized needs, taking into account your history, health problems, etc. As you work towards your personal weight loss goals, a doctor will be available to give you advice that will maximize results.

If you live in West Chase, Lutz or surrounding areas and need a quick weight loss center that is both healthy and effective, contact us today. We have a great track record of creating doctor weight loss plans at our diet center for patients from all walks of life. We’ll be happy to help you attain your proper weight and learn how to keep your healthy weight long-term.

​Call: 813-443-8222

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