Doctors Diet Program for Those in Brandon, Citrus Park, Oldsmar, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor & Beyond

Doctors Diet ProgramIf you’re tired of starting a new diet each Monday morning only to give in to indulgences by Thursday evening, you may need more than a simple fad diet to help you stay on track and achieve your weight loss goals. For those just starting out, a doctors diet program is one of the best options to jump-start your health and wellness journey. Unlike most medical weight loss clinics, Dr. Urshan’s Health and Weight Loss Center addresses the root cause of weight gain — imbalanced hormones.

When researching available diet program options, it’s important to consider your past experiences with diet and exercise regimens. It’s up to any medical weight loss clinics’ staff to work with you and your weight loss barriers to establish the ideal program for you. If you know that you dislike running and refuse to eat broccoli, what’s the point in lecturing you about the importance of doing the very things you can’t stand? While these exercise and eating habits may be enjoyable and successful for some, it’s definitely not the only way to shed those unwanted pounds. Our team at Dr. Urshan’s Health and Weight Loss Center will work with you to customize a workout regimen and meal plan that you’ll love and embrace.

As part of our cutting-edge program, you’ll receive:

  • Personalized exercise regimen based on your fitness levels and progress
  • Delicious weekly meal plans inspired by foods you love
  • Weekly check-ups and weigh-ins
  • Overall lifestyle management and emotional support

Whether or not you want to try running a 5k or want to get adventurous with some leafy greens, you’ll still enjoy the benefits of our doctors’ diet program. Dr. Urshan’s proprietary weight loss technology addresses stubborn weight loss at the source by addressing hormonal imbalances and other internal processes. By doing so, we’ve helped hundreds of patients get transformative results fast*.

We’ve helped patients across the greater Tampa Bay Area including Brandon, Citrus Park, Oldsmar, Safety Harbor, Palm Harbor and beyond to achieve their desired goal weight. Are you ready to transform your health and lifestyle?

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